At the command line:

$ easy_install django-functest

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv django-functest
$ pip install django-functest

You will also need to add django-functest to your URLs. In your URLconf:

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    url(r'^django_functest/', include('django_functest.urls'))


urlpatterns += [
    url(r'^django_functest/', include('django_functest.urls'))

This is only necessary for running tests, so the above can be done conditionally for test mode only, if possible.

When running tests, you will also need to have localhost in your ALLOWED_HOSTS setting.


django-webtest, WebTest and other dependencies are automatically installed. If you are using Django 1.11 or later, you should install django-functest 1.0.1 or later and django-webtest 1.9.1 or later.

Installing django-functest will install the Python selenium package automatically. However, due the nature of Selenium, if you are writing Selenium tests (i.e. if you are not simply using the WebTest wrapper), dependencies are quite complex.

Selenium uses a WebDriver protocol for talking to browsers that is more or less supported by different browsers. Please see the django_functest.FuncSeleniumMixin.driver_name attribute for selecting the browser to use, and note the following:

  • Chrome can be used if chromedriver is installed.

  • Firefox 45 and older can be used with Selenium < 3 without anything additional installed. Old versions of Firefox can be found here:

    If you need to run your own tests with a different version of Firefox than the default one on your system, it is recommended you follow the pattern used by django-functest’s own script which allows you to pass a --firefox-binary option. This is then eventually returned by get_webdriver_options() as argument firefox_binary (see tests/ You could also make get_webdriver_options look in os.environ if that is easier to arrange.

  • Selenium >= 3 will not work with Firefox 45 or older.

  • For newer versions of Firefox, you can use Selenium 3 or later, if you install the new Marionette driver, also known as geckodriver (download releases here).

    This implementation currently is incomplete and has bugs and various incompatibilities. However, with the most recent versions of Firefox (58.0), geckodriver (0.20.0) and Selenium (3.11), the django-functest suite passes fully.

  • If installed PhantomJS can be used. PhantomJS is no longer officially supported - the test suite does not run against it and and bugs for it will not be fixed. This is because the project has been abandoned, and Selenium also no longer supports it.